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  Companionship of The Textile Institute Membership  
Companionship of The Textile Institute Membership

Instituted in 1956 and limited to 50 living members. Council may grant the status of Companion Member of the Institute to any member who has attained the age of 40 and who has, in the opinion of the Council, substantially advanced the general interests of the textile industry. This award is made to an Institute member only.

Past Winners:

S Albini
The Lord Alliance
Prof Subhash Anand MBE CText FTI
Sir Harold G Aston
W Barnes
W Bohm
H M F Carrington
C Z Carroll-Porczynski
R R Catty
N Cerruti
C M Cha
C H Colton
C H Crabtree
A G Crowther
JD Cunning 2010
A Dandolo
ME Davies 2010
MJ Denton 2010
R G Denyer
D H Dickinson
J Ewing
J G Evans
Margaret Fels
The Lord Fleck
A Frame
H J Gerber
Sir Ernest W Goodale
R W H Goodall
L R Goodman
S Goodman
H G Greg
J M H Grey
S B Hainsworth
Sir John C Hanbury-Williams
Sir Cyril E Harrison
The Lord Haskel
P E J Held
C Henniker-Heaton
F Heywood
E W Hirst
G G Hopkinson
J Hyman
D Jayavarthanavelu
E Y Johnston
G H Jolly
K Jowsey
The Lord Kearton
R J Kerr-Muir
S Kyong
F A Legler
GJ Mauretti 2010
K Mayer
N G McCulloch
DS McKelvey
J R McPhee
R Milliken
D B Moore
R Murray 2010
CN Nathan
J A Nasmith
S F Peshall
R P Poddar
K G Ponting
The Viscount Rochdale
Helen Rowe CText FTI
R S Rubin
SP Sapra
J F Sebire
A Searll
A Serra
J H Shaw
C V Silver
R G Stoll
E G Smalley
Sir Alan Smith
JT Smith 2010
P W Smith
F T Sobey
K N Sreenivasan
F M Stevenson
P Steverlynck
Sir E Raymond Streat
K Sung
G Thomson

E Thornton
T A Tolley
J Torra-Balari
G M Varley
J F Vickers
W R Wadsworth
Sir Walter Ward
Sir Robert J Webster
P B F Whitaker
C Wilson
JR Wilson
L G Wilson
W T Winterbottom
Z-D D Woo
DH Woolliscroft 2010
The Lord Wright of Ashton-under Lyne

Deceased companions are indicated by the use of italic type


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The TI is pleased to announce the latest issue of its members magazine, textiles. This edition is offered in both digital and print versions. Institute members can read the digital edition in the "Members Only" section of this website.