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Honorary Fellowship

First awarded in 1928 and the highest honour within the Institute's gift for creativity and the advancement of knowledge achieved by an individual as a result of ingenuity and application over many years. It covers all occupational areas of the Institute's work including science, technology, marketing and management. This award is made to an Institute member only.

Past Winners:

Air Vice Marshall G H Ambler, 1960
S Backer, 1973
N Balasubramanian , 2005
Heinz Bachmann, 2011
W L Balls, 1942
A Barella, 1997
A W Bayes, 1970
F Casablancas, 1941
D A Clibbens, 1949
C F Cross, 1928
F W Dry, 1971
HRH the Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, 1960
J Fan 2010
D Finlayson, 1964
P Grosberg, 1988
K Gutzwiller, 2008
C Haller, 2008
S C Harland, 1954
J W S Hearle, 1984
L Hes, 2008
T Hindle, 1967
S M Ibrahim, 1995
J Kasparek, 1994
S Kawabata, 1996
FK Ko 2010
VK Kothari, 2007
R Kozlowski, 2008
H W Krause, 1990
I Krucinska, 2006
RM Laing, 2008
H Locher, 1985
H Lowe, 1928
Dr T Matsuo 2012
H F Mark, 1985
H Mauersberger, 1979
A Melville, 1965
F B Mercer, 1987
J W Nasmith, 1931
G Natta, 1968
M Niwa 2010
W Oxenham, 2009
E J D Poole, 1974
R Postle, 2009
G F Raper, 1960
L Rebenfeld, 1992
P Schlack, 1963
R L Shishoo, 1999
J B Speakman, 1951
A Steiner, 1998
A Stell, 1946
M Straub, 1993
K Sung (posthumous award) 2010
XM Tao 2010
C F Topham, 1934
Prof Samuel Ugbolue CText FTI, 2011
A Varga, 1981
C S Whewell, 1979
J R Whinfield, 1955
C M Whittaker, 1946
H Zahn, 1981
H Zollinger, 1989


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