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The Textile Institute S G Smith Memorial Medal

Inaugurated in 1964 and awarded to persons who are recognized as having devoted themselves to the furtherance of scientific knowledge concerning the physical and structural properties of fibres, whether or not such work has been published.

Applications are closed.

Past Winners:

A S Abhiraman, 1995
E G H Carter, 1966
W T Cowhig, 1970
J A Cuculo, 1996
H A Davis, 1989
M G Dobb, 1982
M Feughelman, 1990
R D B Fraser, 1985
D J Johnson, 1982
C R Jones, 1973
K G Lindberg, 1978
J W Lunenschloss, 1976
K R Makinson, 1986
J Militky, 1999
B Miller, 1993
W J Morris, 1977
S K Mukhopadhyay, 1998
M G Northolt, 1988
K E Perepelkin, 1997
M W Platt, 1983
J Pollitt, 1964
H O Puls, 1965
H L Roder, 1968
E Schollmeyer, 1991
J Shimizu, 1985
J Sikorski, 1971
P T Speakman, 1992
J L Spencer-Smith, 1969
H P Stout, 1967
H A C Todd, 1979
J G Tomka, 1994
M W Townsend, 1972
I M Ward, 1984
J O Warwicker, 1975
A Ziabicki, 1987

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