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  Warner Memorial Medal  

The Textile Institute Warner Memorial Medal

Inaugurated in 1930 to perpetuate the memory of Sir Frank Warner. The medal is awarded in recognition of outstanding work in textile science and technology, the results of which have been published, and particularly for work published in the Journal of the Textile Institute. This award is made to an Institute member only.

Past Winners:

J Amirbayat, 1999
S L Anderson, 1964
M W Andrews, 1985
W T Astbury, 1935
A Barella, 1979
Research Staff of the British Cotton Industry Research Association, 1934
G A Carnaby, 1986
A B D Cassie, 1946
H Catling, 1969
M Chaikin, 1980
N H Chamberlain, 1955
Dr. X Chen 2013
D A Clibbens, 1947
CSIRO, Wool Research Laboratories, Australia, 1974
G F Davidson, 1948
M J Denton, 1978
D A Derrett-Smith, 1947
R G Fargher, 1952
G A R Foster, 1948
K Greenwood, 1977
P Grosberg, 1968
D Margaret Hannah, 1959
J W S Hearle, 1967
I Holme, 1995
F O Howitt, 1962
L Hunter, 1994
S Kawabata, 1987
W R Lang, 1966
J Lappage, 1993
G A V Leaf, 1981
E Lord, 1958
P R Lord, 1991
J G Martindale, 1951
J A Matthew, 1931
J R McPhee, 1971
R Meredith, 1954
W E Morton, 1957
D L Munden, 1984
M Niwa, 1992
W J Onions, 1973
J D Owen, 1975
W Oxenham, 1996
F T Pierce, 1946
D E A Plate, 1990
R Postle, 1983
J M Preston, 1956
S A Shorter, 1949
J Skelton, 1985
K Slater, 1997
S G Smith, 1963
J B Speakman,1931
D S Taylor, 1970
J J Thwaites, 1982
L H C Tippett, 1950
P P Townend, 1961
L R G Treloar, 1972
A J Turner, 1931
A R Urquhart, 1946
C S Whewell, 1960
K J Whiteley, 1988
H J Woods, 1938
G R Wray, 1976
H Yan, 1989
H Zahn, 1965


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