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Historically, The Textile Institute has published books of interest to its members and the textile industry. To successfully maintain this policy, The Textile Institute entered into collaboration with Woodhead Publishing Ltd. This partnership ensures that The TI members and the textile industry would continue to have a high caliber publisher of textile titles. The collaboration has grown over the years and currently works in two ways.

Firstly, most Woodhead books on textiles are published in "collaboration" with The Textile Institute. This means primarily that the Institute provides an Editorial Board that exists to advise Woodhead on possible titles for future publication, and makes suggestions about possible editors and authors for these books. Each book published under this arrangement carries the Institute logo.

Secondly in the journals area, in January 2005, Woodhead became the publisher of both the Journal of The Textile Institute and Textile Progress. Each issue of both journals states clearly that Woodhead publishes them "for The Textile Institute". In addition, copyright for all published materials belongs to the Institute. Both journals are editorially independent of the publisher, and have separate editors and Editorial Boards. Currently, Professor Xiao Ming Tao of Hong Kong Polytechnic University is Editor-in-Chief of Textile Progress and David Buchanan is Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of The Textile Institute.

Both Woodhead published books and the journals are offered to Textile Institute members at a substantial discount.

Woodhead books and Textile Institute-published books still in print, as well as back issues of Textile Progress, are offered on the Woodhead web site at They also have a specialized catalogue on Textile Technology, which can be obtained through the web site.

Textile Institute books still in print are also available directly from the Institute's website at

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The TI is pleased to announce the latest issue of its members magazine, textiles. This edition is offered in both digital and print versions. Institute members can read the digital edition in the "Members Only" section of this website.