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The Textile Institute has entered into Marketing Agreements with outstanding textile, fashion and footwear publications. Please check out thses offers for substantial savings over retail prices. Comments and suggestions for publications should be directed to the Publications Team at the Textile Institute or to a member of the Publications Committee.

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International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology & Education

Individual members of the The Textile Institute can subscribe to International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education for just US$60 / £30 / €37*.

International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education aims to provide a high quality peer-reviewed forum for research in fashion design, pattern cutting, apparel production, manufacturing technology and fashion education. The Journal will encourage interdisciplinary research and the development of an academic community which will share newly developed technology, theory and techniques in the fashion and textile industries, as well as promote the development of excellent education practice in the clothing and textile fields.

Contributions suitable for this new journal should fall into one of the following three categories:

(1) Research papers presenting important new findings
(2) Technical papers describing new developments or innovation
(3) Academic discussion papers dealing with medium to long-term trends and predictions.

All published research articles in this journal have undergone rigorous peer review, based on initial editor screening and anonymous refereeing by independent expert referees.

Footwear Science

Individual members of the The Textile Institute can subscribe to Footwear Science for just US$100 / £50 / €80.

Footwear Science publishes reports of original research in the disciplines of biomechanics, ergonomics, physiology, clinical science, kinanthropometry, physics, engineering and mathematics. The use of footwear or footwear components, or application of the results to footwear is a major component of the research published in this international, peer-reviewed Journal. Methodological as well as experimental papers may be submitted, and the journal accepts original articles, reviews and perspective articles (usually by editorial invitation only), book reviews and letters to the Editor. The criteria for acceptance of manuscripts include: scientific excellence and rigor, novelty, significance, clarity, conciseness and interest to our broad readership.

Papers published in the journal may cover a wide range of topics within the broad scope of footwear science, including, but not limited to:

  • Influence of footwear on kinematics and kinetics of human movement
  • Influence of footwear and footwear design on human performance
  • Applications of research to design of all types of functional and purpose-built footwear
  • Research applied to casual, dress, fashion, duty, athletic, and specialty footwear
  • Footwear in prevention and treatment of diseases of lower extremity
  • Role of footwear in the prevention and treatment of athletic injury
  • Shoe properties and human perceptions
  • Human factors applied to fit and function of footwear
  • Measurement of footwear biomechanical and physical properties


Textiles Intelligence Products

Members of the TI can receive 20% discount off all of Textile Intelligence products.

Textiles Intelligence is a leading provider of business information on the global fibre, textile and apparel industries - via printed publications, online access to news and information, and conference presentations from our team of industry experts.

We have an international team of contributors who research and write reports for us. Textiles Intelligence reports have no political bias, and contain no advertising. They contain independently researched information about developments in the industry - including company and country profiles, statistical reports and analyses of trade trends - which provide you with the means to plan your company's future strategy.

You will benefit from Textiles Intelligence reports if you are involved in chemicals, fibres, textiles or apparel - as a manufacturer, retailer, consultant, analyst, educational or governmental organisation. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business grow.


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