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Special Interest Groups


The Textile Institute has members in all sectors of fibre-based industries worldwide. Special Interest Groups provide a focus for members in different sectors, and many of them organise conferences, study tours and other events in their subject area.

The following are currently active:

Please click on the above and visit the webpage for each SIG. If you are interested in creating a new SIG or wish further information on SIGS, please contact the TI office. Below are the Guidlines for SIG's:

Guideline for Special Interest Groups SIG

Any or all of these aims and objects may be undertaken in conjunction with appropriate external bodies, provided Council agrees. SIGs are encouraged to seek guidance when necessary.

1. The aims and objectives of The Textile Institute SIG shall be in the sector concerned:

1.1 to represent the Council of the Institute;

1.2 to serve the professional needs of those working within the SIG;

1.3 to promote the recruitment and retention of members and patron (company) members;

1.4 to encourage education, training and research;

1.5 to encourage appropriately qualified members to apply for Licentiateship, Associateship or Fellowship status;

1.6 to foster understanding and social contact between SIGs and those involved in different parts of the textile, clothing and footwear industry;

1.7 to promote among other parts of the Institute and in the wider community, a better appreciation of the achievements of the textile industry and of members where appropriate;

1.8 to arrange meetings and other events for the above purposes.

1.9 meetings will be global and will aim to take place at The Textile Institute World Conference.

1.10 to help promote research papers presented at The Textile Institute World Conference.

2. Only members of the Institute shall be members of the SIG. A member may belong to more than one SIG.

3. Powers will not be conferred on any SIG to grant Diplomas. Such powers shall remain exclusively vested in the Council of the Institute.

4. A SIG will not be empowered to act in the name of the Institute or negotiate or act in any matter of public importance affecting the interests of members of the Institute, unless specifically authorized by Council.

5. The Guidelines for SIGs and future amendments to the Guidelines will be approved by Council.

6. All SIGs must have a set of objectives approved by Council.

7. SIGs shall have no responsibility for collecting subscriptions to the Institute.

8. Council will welcome applications for the formation of SIGs in any Sector relating to textiles, clothing and footwear and in any, region. Before a SIG can be formed, Council will need to be satisfied that the initial interest will be sufficient to justify the establishment of the SIG.

9. Applications for authority to form new SIGs shall be made to Council in writing.

10. SIGs must report to Council.

11. SIGs must follow The Textile Institute SIG Guidelines and not act in conflict with the Royal Charter and Byelaws of the Institute.

12. SIGs may utilise the logo of The Textile Institute.

13. SIGs will have access to member contact details.

14. SIGs must be sufficient in resources and self funded requiring minimum staff and other Textile Institute resources unless otherwise approved.

15. SIGs must not act in a manner that would bring The Textile Institute name into disrepute and suffer any financial loss or liability.

16. SIGs must provide on an annual basis to The Textile Institute Headquarters a report of all SIG activities. The report must cover:

16.1 The name of the SIG

16.2 The name of the SIG Chair and other committee members (if and where appropriate). This may include a SIG Treasurer, Secretariat or Marketing Officer if so appointed by the SIG.

16.3 A financial statement.

16.4 Notes of activities in the stated annual period.

16.5 Report on the recruitment and retention of members.

16.6 Any other business.

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