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The Textile Institute has members in all sectors of fibre-based industries worldwide. Special Interest Groups provide a focus for members in different sectors, and many of them organise conferences, study tours and other events in their subject area.

Smart Wearables (SIG)

A Special Interest Group has been formed to represent and support members involved with the smart wearable industries.

This SIG looks at a breadth of disparate emerging technologies in the textile driven area of smart clothing and wearable technology. To bring emerging smart textile technologies to near market within this cross-disciplinary area, the aesthetics and comfort of the textiles and clothing must be acceptable and the technology interface simple and intuitive for an inclusive audience. This SIG promotes a collaborative design approach to research and development and knowledge transfer through publication, participation in both trade and academic events, and through design-led guidance to inform the development of textile and clothing ‘products' that are appropriate for the wearer's life style needs and culture. This SIG welcomes a hybrid mix of practitioners to include those from technical textiles and clothing, product, and communications design and architecture, and experts with a breadth of expertise associated with wearable electronics. The overall aim is promote more responsible and sustainable design processes in bringing smart textiles and wearable electronics to a wider and more inclusive market.


  • To promote the interests of the TI in the rapidly emerging area of wearable Smart Textiles
  • To promote the incorporation of Smart Textiles in functional clothing
  • To promote international collaboration between academia and industry in the context of ‘Smart Wearables
  • To bring an awareness of Smart Textiles to a wider community.

Committee Officers:

Suggestions about possible activities for the Group, or general enquiries, are welcome from anyone interested in this sector.

Please address by email to:

Jane McCann (Chair):

Bill Bohm (Secretary):

July 2013:

The current focus of the ‘Smart Wearables' SIG is for members to propose and contribute to the verification of content for a new ‘Smart' section within the Textile Institute's ‘Textile Terms and Definitions' on-line publication. This terminology may span smart fibres and materials, textile-based electronics, their components and architecture, with interconnections and user-interfaces, for a range of end-uses.

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